How Paving Contractors Can Secure Long Term Customers

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We read and hear so much about how companies should be looking to maximize the money they are making in a given transaction. And it is often talked about in the construction industry. But we are approaching this from a different angle. We want to see whether it is possible for construction companies to secure long term customers, even in the residential sector.

Asphalt Paving

A good example of this process is the asphalt paving sector. An asphalt paving contractor in Riverside may look at their business as being all about making a lot of money on each project. It makes sense, as it is about maximizing the money you are making for the time commitment. But what if companies started considering the implications of having a long term relationship with customers?

Say someone goes to a driveway paving contractor in Riverside and asks them about a new driveway installation. It is possible for that contractor to install a concrete driveway for more money. They can charge more and get a bigger markup on the total fees compared to the cost of materials. But is that the right approach?

Being Honest With Customers

Is it not better for a contractor to be honest with the customer? To tell them an asphalt driveway will serve them better. Sure, the company may make less money on that transaction. Asphalt is marketed as the cheaper material and the margins are often less for contractors. But there is something that can be achieved by taking this approach.

Instead of having a customer for one or two transactions, the company now has a long term relationship with this homeowner. The customer will trust them when it comes to these types of projects. Say they need a walkway installed in a few years. Who are they going to go to? The company that was honest with them about their driveway needs.

Maintenance and Repairs

When you do a great job for a customer, they are more likely to come to you when they need maintenance or repair work done. If they are not happy with the job you did, they will turn to some other driveway paving contractor in Riverside instead. And that is a loss of business for your company.

Make Money Now and In the Future

It is all about finding the right balance. If an asphalt paving contractor in Riverside is smart, they will be able to make good money in the short and long-term. They will do a great job for customers right now – make good money on each transaction – and then secure the long term relationship too.

And when a company is able to market itself as the long term solution for any driveway or walkway related work, they can get away with charging a bit more in the future. Now you have built trust with your customers. They will come to you, even if your prices are a bit higher than everyone else, as they trust the work you do.

In the construction sector, we always talk about how to find the next client. How to secure bigger clients. But sometimes it is just as important to secure long term relationships with the customers who are coming into your stores today.